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Shipping Delays Covid19

Shipping Delays – Manufacturing Delays

Coupled with short staffing, our shipping and manufacturer partners have seen huge, holiday-like spikes in volume. For context, online sales across all e-commerce industries for May 2020 were more than $82 billion. This is an almost 80% increase over May 2019.  Additionally, social distancing protocols that courier companies and shipping centers alike have adopted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep their employees safe have further impacted the speed of these services.

Simply put, our shipping and manufacturer partners have been dramatically affected by this pandemic.

Delays are inevitable – You will receive your item. We will update you along the way. You will receive multiple emails regarding your order and shipping information. However we will not send you an email every day to update you. We have implemented estimated shipping dates to many of our products. Take notice to these, keep in mind they are estimates and not actual ship dates. Your product may ship before or after your estimated shipping date. Keep in mind even if your product does not have an estimated shipping date associated with it you can still expect a 7-14 day delay for all orders.